What we do

We create advertising & brand strategies for established businesses that strive for reaching their full potential. Our experience in building a large direct to consumer brand allows us to quickly identify where brands need the most help.

Facebook Advertising

We know a thing or two about facebook advertising. We have spent over $10 million on the ad platform of our own money over the past 5 years. We offer a wide range of services to help your brand get the most out of your facebook advertising budget.

Email Marketing

Is email dead? Absolutely not! We make sure your brand is getting most out of its email efforts by strategizing about your customer follow up, campaigns and sales promotions. Email marketing should account for 20-30% of your overall monthly revenue.


Need help with your brand mission & story? We can guide you through making your brand feel like an experience to your customers. We can assist on your ideal customer avatars, your brand mission and your brand guidelines for marketing.

Sales Channels

We know the importance of having as many effective sales channels open as possible. This helps customers purchase your products with less friction and allows for additional scale. We help brands identify these sales channels and attack them!

Acquisition & Funding

Going through the process of selling a large asset you have built up is no walk in the park. We know because we built & sold a large direct to consumer hair care brand to private equity. Whether you are looking for funding or a full exit we help every step of the way to make sure you get the highest multiple for your business.

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What people are saying about Modrn West

“Fraser & Arthur's potential is enormous: they bring to the table not only considerable skills as marketers, but also the rare ability to function, and communicate, effectively in a public relations role. They project with boundless enthusiasm and infuse any situation with positive energy. They are an articulate group and are, in many ways, an ideal ecommerce partner.”

Oliver Jervis
VP Covault Technologies

“Watching Fraser & Arthur build their CPG brand so quickly was truly inspiring. I've often leaned on them for advice through the years and I try to work with him as often as I can.

If you aren't leveraging Fraser & Arthur or their network then you're missing out.”

Kyle Hitchcox
Co-founder Pilothouse.co

Meet the founders

Arthur Diulgerian

Co-Founder, Media Buyer & Marketing Strategist

Fraser Mackie

Co-Founder, eCommerce & Digital Marketing Expert

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